Kamis, 22 November 2012

Happy Birthday kak!

Well, Today I feel so stupid. You know what? I forget bout my big sister birthday on Sunday. Actually, I don't know when her day. And yasterday, when i became a stalker on her facebook, I found someone who wrote on her wall. They said "happy birthday riska" anndddddd jleeeeeb! I don't really know at all. I feel so sad, so blue, disapointed and can't say anything. And I just sent her a text
"Ka riskaaaaaaaaaaaa Maaf telat kasih selamat ulang tahun :( :( :( Pasti kaka marah sama aku, pasti kecewa deh, pasti aaaa :(. Ka happy birthday  ya ka riska, semoga panjang umur, makin cantik, lancar di segala urusannya. Pokoknya best wishes for you. I appologize that I'm late, very late. I love you ka riska, semoga selalu bahagia"-Wed @11:43am
"iya deb. Gapapa. Makasih yaaa, doanyaa. Semoga terkabul, amiiiiin :)"-Wed @12:44am
:') Her replied
And I think today I've to give her something that can errase my mistake. I just draw something and......

And today, me and my beloved friends give a little surprise for her. Just it

I just bring a pink cake, and my friends bring a fire.
and taraaaa!

1. First fire means " i"m sorry on Sunday I didn't say happy birthday on your day kak"
2. Second fire means "i'm sorry on Monday I didn't say happy birthday again"
3. Third fire means "i'm sorry on Tuesday I didn;t say it again. I know i'm so stupid :("
4. Fourth fire means "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAKAAAA :)"
5. Fifth fie means "Wish you all the best on your collage kaaaa "
6. Sixth fire means "Semoga selalu bahagia"
7. The last pink cake "Semoga ngga jomblo lagi hihihihi :p"

Happy birthday kaka angkaaaat
Thanks for people on those photo who want help me 
so, sweet and fun today :)

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Yeah! This is a long weekend !

Hai blogger, Long time no post my new photo here. And I got a long weekend after mid test on my collage. Mmmm, ya I found a new spot on my room then I took some photos. I only used an England jarsey and short jeans. For accesorry, I used some bracelets, headband, my beloved guitar, and the last my violin. Check this out ! Enjoy it ;)

Hahaaa Just Wanna Share this
Bye Byeee ^^